Wednesday, August 4, 2010

How to Use Social Media to get a Job

Read Trademarkia's latest blog post here.

Many internet start-ups and small businesses advertise their hiring positions on sites likes Craigslist, Twitter, Linkedin, even Trademarkia! For example, we are currently looking for a Superstar Interaction Designer.

The Search Engine Journal recently posted an article on How to Use Social Media to get a Job.

Some helpful tips and highlights of the article mention having a complete profile: picture, full name, links to your social network profiles, and even your blog (if it is relevant). However, make sure you act professional and separate work from play on your social media accounts. For example, it is a good idea to have separate twitter accounts for your personal opinions (i.e. I just ate a YUMMY sandwich) and your work (i.e. relevant links to news articles, blogs, people, etc...). Twitter utilizes a useful keyword search that may help you find a job! I learned today that Mashable is hiring a Community Assistant via a retweet by @benparr from @ckanel.

Make sure to request recommendations from former employers on Linkedin. You can also link your blog and twitter to automatically update on a news feed, as well as use many of the useful profile applications Linkedin has.

Be aware though, keep your personal social media profiles private, or fix up your Facebook. According to onrec: the global online recruitment resource, there is list of no-no's that employers are turned away from:
  1. References to drug abuse
  2. Extremist / intolerant views, including racism, sexism
  3. Criminal activity
  4. Evidence of excessive alcohol consumption
  5. Inappropriate pictures, including nudity
  6. Foul language
  7. Links to unsuitable websites
  8. Lewd jokes
  9. Silly email addresses
  10. Membership of pointless / silly groups

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