Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday Night Roundup: Edition 6 - launching November 1st

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TechMarkia official launch November 1, 2010.

Welcome to TechMarkia.   We are planning on our official launch on November 1, 2010.   Until then, we are posting test articles and refining our blog.   What we are creating is a new online news publication that will cover the hottest Internet startups.  Our site will be different than TechCrunch and Mashable because we are going to cover the people who make the Internet progress from a human perspective.   In full disclosure to our readers, By way of background, we are a team of successful Internet entrepreneurs in Mountain View who created the website ( Trademarkia is a search engine for trademarks that is refreshed daily with the latest trademarks of the hottest Internet companies. In our first year after launching Trademarkia in September 2009, more than 3000 news publications and websites have linked to us based on information of upcoming product changes gleaned from recent trademark filings of companies such as Google, Twitter, Apple, Facebook, and others published first on Trademarkia. We also now attract millions of page views each month and tens of thousands of readers each day. In addition, we have also become profitable with no venture funding through a unique revenue model providing advertising space to law firms.

What we now seek to do in TechMarkia (not to be confused with our primary company Trademarkia described in the previous paragraph) is to create our very own online news publication covering the most innovative and exciting Internet companies in Silicon Valley and around the world through original journalism and research. This new publication will be independent of our search engine, and should not rely on, or quote back Trademarkia as a primary source of news.  We are creating a new online news publication focused around hot Internet startups in Silicon Valley. TechMarkia will cover interesting startups in the categories centered around the Internet (social media, ecommerce, mobile apps, search engines etc). We want to develop a unique writing style, one that is funny, interesting, and sometimes controversial.

Particularly, in addition to covering latest innovative Internet startups, we want to cover the stories that other leading Internet blogs (e.g., TechCrunch, Mashable, VentureBeat) may not cover. For example, the cupcake stand next to Facebook headquarters, or the experience of an organic chef at the Googleplex, or the interview/success story on the impressive weight loss of the former CEO of LinkedIn, or the rationale of the liberal and conservative aspects of a founder of Paypal who is now a venture capitalist, or the perspectives of incoming freshman computer science students at Stanford on their vision of the future of the Internet. We want to remain neutral and objective and unlike ValleyWag, we don’t want to go out of our way to flame. We want to cover the Silicon Valley from a human perspective.

In other words, we want to focus on the people, the cult, soul, heart, and personality that is Silicon Valley through original, on the ground, grassroots journalism.  Thank you for reading us early, and tell your friends..   Raj, Liz, Maria, and Bill. The Founding TechMarkia team.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Did you know? USPTO status "Non-Final Action - Mailed"

What does "Non-Final Action -  Mailed" mean?
A Non-Final Office Action is a Letter prepared by an Examining Attorney of the United States Trademark Office after reviewing the application for the first time. A time limit to respond to the Office Action is usually within 6 months from the mailing date noted on the Office Action unless otherwise mentioned.

In other words, The United States Patent and Trademark Office cannot at this time register the trademark application. [Please note, this is not a an outright rejection] They are requesting further information, evidence and/or proof in order to move forward with the trademark registration process. 

Popular Misconception:
  1.  "This isn't a big deal..." Yes it is! Look below!!
Is this Status update important, do I have to follow up with anything?
Yes, this status update is VERY important. If you do not respond to the USPTO within the 6 month deadline period, your trademark application will become abandoned!

Why Trademarks Go Abandoned because of an Office Action Letter:

  1. Top Reason They simply miss the letter...unfortunately the USPTO doesn't send you friendly reminders :(
  2. The trademark applicant does not know what an Office Action Letter is...or what to do with it. So they let the trademark application go expired.  
  3. A trademark applicant reads the letter, gets confused by the legal formalities, and think the USPTO rejected their application, so they do not bother to even try responding to the letter.
If this happens to you, please consult an expert trademark attorney to assist you!

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you know? USPTO status "New Application: Record Initialized Not Assigned to an Examiner"

What does "New Application: Record Initialized Not Assigned to an Examiner" mean?
The United States Patent and Trademark Office, may take about a year to fully register a trademark, during which time the trademark application goes through a series of steps, and this status informs the applicant of the first step.

Popular Misconceptions:
  1.  "I have a Serial Number so that means I have a registered trademark!" Not exactly.  An assigned Serial Number indicates that you have initiated an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All properly submitted trademark applications begin with having a "record initialized" with the USPTO. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they will receive U.S. federal registration in the end, the USPTO is simplyacknowledging the existence of the trademark application. 
    • *Note* A trademark with this status, is not 'done' becoming registered with the USPTO.
    • *Note* Only a "Registered" status means that you have a registered U.S. federal trademark with the USPTO.
  2. "Not assigned to an Examiner?? When will they start reviewing it?!" Don't worry and don't fret, the USPTO must first log the trademark application into their system before they can assign it to a trademark examiner for review. That is normally the next step.
    • *Note* If you use the paper filing method, it may take 2 weeks to receive a serial number.
Is this Status update important, do I have to follow up with anything?
Yes, this status is meaningful in the sense that it informs the trademark applicant that the USPTO has received their trademark application and assigned a serial number. However, it is simply a notice to you, and does not require any follow up at the time.

  • You can use the  symbol to stand for your brand name in commerce. 

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Monday, October 4, 2010

USPTO Status's Explained

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