Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Did you know? USPTO status "New Application: Record Initialized Not Assigned to an Examiner"

What does "New Application: Record Initialized Not Assigned to an Examiner" mean?
The United States Patent and Trademark Office, may take about a year to fully register a trademark, during which time the trademark application goes through a series of steps, and this status informs the applicant of the first step.

Popular Misconceptions:
  1.  "I have a Serial Number so that means I have a registered trademark!" Not exactly.  An assigned Serial Number indicates that you have initiated an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. All properly submitted trademark applications begin with having a "record initialized" with the USPTO. However, that doesn't necessarily mean that they will receive U.S. federal registration in the end, the USPTO is simplyacknowledging the existence of the trademark application. 
    • *Note* A trademark with this status, is not 'done' becoming registered with the USPTO.
    • *Note* Only a "Registered" status means that you have a registered U.S. federal trademark with the USPTO.
  2. "Not assigned to an Examiner?? When will they start reviewing it?!" Don't worry and don't fret, the USPTO must first log the trademark application into their system before they can assign it to a trademark examiner for review. That is normally the next step.
    • *Note* If you use the paper filing method, it may take 2 weeks to receive a serial number.
Is this Status update important, do I have to follow up with anything?
Yes, this status is meaningful in the sense that it informs the trademark applicant that the USPTO has received their trademark application and assigned a serial number. However, it is simply a notice to you, and does not require any follow up at the time.

  • You can use the  symbol to stand for your brand name in commerce. 

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