Friday, September 3, 2010

How to Begin Creating Your Company's Online Presence by Shane Russell

You may have already owned your company for many years, or are just beginning the journey. Regardless, you are very aware the Internet is creating wealth like never before. However, you don't have a clue how to market yourself online, nor do you know where to begin. Never worry, here are some basic fundamentals.

Step 1: Blogging, Email/eZine Marketing, and eBooking.
Just imagine. About 10-15 years ago, none of these words existed, however, they have become a few of the most important words in today's world to guide you towards your path to success. You no longer can be successful by cold-calling. Today's successful business owners write "Value Messages" to their clients. These value messages include items which will help individuals, or build value in their lives, but will remain directly related to your business.
Great Ideas for eZine articles. Here are a few "teach tips" to get your team to the next level...
  • Teach EVERYONE that attitude is the foundation of success, both personal and business
  • Teach EVERYONE the importance of friendliness
  • Teach EVERYONE that speed of response is not an option
  • Teach EVERYONE how to respond to customer complaints
  • Teach EVERYONE that service is as important as sales
  • Teach EVERYONE to ask for more business
  • Teach EVERYONE to suggest more
  • Teach EVERYONE to thank the customer for their business
Other topics to write about: The following are just some ideas you may use to write value messages to your customers. Please, feel free to use or alter them in any way you see fit.
1. How and why you decided to start your business "X" years ago.
2. The struggles you went through in the beginning stages.
3. The success you experienced over the years.
4. How you initially obtained clients.
5. What you did to keep the clients coming back.
6. How long it took you to become profitable.
7. What you would do different if you had to do it all over again.
8. Why new and existing customers choose you over the competition.
9. What is unique about your product and/or service.
10. Your short-term and long-term goals.
11. How you could help a business owner build their business by purchasing your product or service.

Step 2: Partnering with other companies
Once you re-program your mind to focus on helping other people, you will quickly begin to see the rewards come back ten-fold.
The search engines rank your website/business based off the relativity and quality of content, and even the popularity of your page. Your primary goal is to get to the top of the search engine when a potential customer/client is searching for information. The higher your ranking, the more traffic your site will receive.
One great way to do this is to research for companies you could partner up with to send each other referrals. For example, if you own a printing company, find another company who could refer business to you and vice versa.
I am recommending you contact and build partnerships with such companies in the industries closely related to your business. Once you have built the relationships/partnerships, offer to put a link to their website on yours and once it's completed, ask for the same in return.

Step 3: Never stop learning
The moment you stop improving yourself and/or growing your business will be the moment your company begins to decline in success. It may take five or ten years, but eventually the competition will surpass you. Don't ever get comfortable. Don't ever get content. Company B is always working just as hard, if not harder than you, to become Company A.
Step 4: Using the tools available
There are many great services available to help you build your online presence at little or no cost. Every one of the following sources are imperative to your success so please, make sure to create an account for each of them.
Don't forget to put all the accounts in your business name. This is very important to increase your web presence. No one will know who you are unless you tell them.
Due to editorial guidelines, we are going to list the accounts types based off the most popular search engines and other social and media sites out there: Email, Business Solutions, Site Analytics, Site Pay-Per-Click for Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Social Networking, Forums, Video Upload Sites, and any other related site out there.
I am the Author, Creator, and President of I am an entrepreneur and a visionary as well as a motivator and mentor. I will teach you how to build your own successful online business. My 1st book, Money Does Grow on Trees, is a motivational and inspirational book and my 2nd book, How Money Grows on Tress, teaches the nuts and bolts of how to grow your business along side my step-by-step coaching program.

Shane Russell is the President of  CloakA Communications ( His weekly CloakAzine is designed to take situations you deal with on a daily basis and relate them to business as well as improving your life. Twitter: @CloakAdotcom
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