Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Night Roundup: Edition 5 - Tweets that made us Twink

Read the latest Trademarkia Blog post here: Will Apple’s “RETINA” get any “FACETIME”?

Tweets That Made Us Twink:

From @MariaOrlovaTM
  1. Snooki drops her "trademark" poof She also tried to trademark "Snooki" See all her tm's here:
  2. Will Apple’s “RETINA” get any “FACETIME”? Similar to Microsoft trademark loophole  
  3. 100+ Upcoming Social Media & Tech Events via @ @
  4. New Devil May Cry Game? | Trademarkia
  5. Apple Files Trademark for Home Button Design
  6. You gotta get with the times and step up your game! @ is constantly better, SEO must catch up
  7. Trademarkia Web 2.0
  8. Check this video out -- How to Build a Successful eCommerce Internet Company - CEO via @
From @Mashable:
  1. Twitter Mouseover Security Flaw Affecting Thousands of Users [WARNING] -  
  2. Top 3 Stories in Social Media and Business This Morning
  3. Facebook Engineer Explains "Worst Outage in Over Four Years"
  4. Social Media: The New Battleground for Politics
  5. How Social Good Has Revolutionized Philanthropy
  6. Why Social Media is a Game-Changer for Non-Profits
  7. HOW TO: Gracefully Promote Yourself Online htttp://
From @TechCrunch:
  1. Facebook Down, Like Buttons Vanish, Internet Implodes  
  2. Internet Control Issues: It’s Not Just China
  3. Finger-Pointing, Emails, Deleted Tweets, Rage. AngelGate Is Far From Over
  4. YouTubeSocial Lets You Simultaneously Watch Videos With Friends
  5. Google Apps Now Used By 30 Million Employees  
  6. Cuil Goes Down, And We Hear It’s Down For Good
From @Wired:
  1. Apple, Startup Go to Trial Over Pod Trademark
  2. How T9 Predictive Text Input Changed Mobile Phones
  3. Community’s ‘Twittersode’ Just Might Work
  4. Facebook Goes Down, Gallows Humor Ensues on Twitter


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